Images made starting in 2012 and currently ongoing

Isolated photographs in conversation with

image proliferation, meant to call upon variable modes of photographic creation and meaning within a single, unending body of work

Named for the experience of a viewer’s rapidly shifting frames of reference while processing images on a website homepage

Lucky Charms, 2016

Black Hole 1 (210mm Focused to Infinity), 2019   
        Recreation of the famous first black hole, photographed in the studio

Black Hole 2 (210mm Focused to 8’5”), 2019

Rover Finds A Small Bright Object, 2012
            Based on the first images returned from the Mars Rover that appeared to show an unknown object on the planet

Candle In The Algorithm, 2014
    A candle placed midway between a computer monitor and the camera sensor

Plum and Beetle (Athens), 2014

Sun Dial As The Cloud Passes, 2014

Fag Adam (Fire Island), 2016

Cell With Inverted Bed (Morning), 2016
        Prison cell built in studio and photographed over a period of 3 days

Cell With Inverted Bed (Dusk), 2016
Cell holding prisoner 1954, 2016

Malmaison (Morning), Oxford England, 2018   
    A hotel in Oxford built in a renovated Victorian prison
Malmaison (Night), Oxford England, 2018

Syrian Apples, For Alessio Romenzi and the Lifeless Body of Mohammed Al Deiri, Stored in an Apple Refrigerator, 2012-2015
    Appropriation and interpretation of Alessio Romenzi’s photograph from the Syrian War

Vatican ATM, 2015-16
    Recreation of the ATM machines in the Vatican which are entirely in Latin

Vatican ATM (Detail)

Photographers On A Clothesline, 2014

Stereoscopic Disease (Pediculous Corpis), 2017
    Appropriated 3 dimensional doctor’s references for skin diseases from the early 20th century

Stereoscopic Disease, 2017

Paintings, 2016
        Painted images rephotographed, digitally combined and then destroyed

Army Balloons, 2014

PSAC II (911 Dispatch Center, Queens, New York) (Summer and Fall), 2018
    The new 911 dispatch center, which is meant to be completely self sustainable and inhabitable for up to 3 days without outside power, water or food, photographed over the course of a year in every season.